Stephen Collins

Stephen Collins

Construction Staff

I developed all of my current interests in art, literature, education, building arts, and exploring the human condition at an early age and have not let any of those interests go. Perpetually in the quest to inhabit a place of healthy mystery, I thrive on taking my students with me to investigate what we can know is true, and being in awe of all that cannot know with certainty. This seems to be the ground with the most kindling for all people to begin to tend their own flame of discovery. 

My heart in education though never leaves off on a purely theoretical framework, and I am firmly rooted in creating classroom experiences that lead to skills building with students. Thinking and feeling can make our lives more difficult or more joyful in our vocations depending on the presence or absence of soft skills gained in our young adulthood. In the humanities course in particular, I find that many of these skills can be acquired through group inquiry and "problematizing" history - asking questions about how we know what we know, who's experiences are these, and humanizing historical figures to allow more personal connections with those who lived history rather than depending on archetypes to guide our imagination of the past. 

As my students grow and gain skills, knowledge, identity, and ultimately a voice, I am currently interested in how to best frame the educational journey through celebration and rites of passage that allow students to see more clearly their steps into adulthood. 

My most recent work outside of school has been writing children's books about emotional awareness, and pioneering a socio-economic diverse music and arts festival in the heart of Birmingham.

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